Candy makers since 1973.




Confectionery manufacturer for more than 40 years.

Manufacturers of sweets with ingredients of the highest quality. We can be proud of having created some of the most recognized liquid candy brands in the sector such as Burmar Flax, Superflash, Flaggolosina o Rocko, and the original Canteen Zumrok.

Why Burmar Dreams? Because most of our projects come out of the laboratory, where we get the best colors, flavors and shapes for our products.
Burmar is a family business, and we have been manufacturers of confectionery for almost 50 years. Currently, we share our work with several generations, which make Burmar a competitive, creative company that lives each project with enthusiasm.

We offer what we know how to do well, sweets, and we are specialized in soft drinks and jelly candies. We do not want to differentiate ourselves by being the cheapest, but we are competitive. We want to differentiate ourselves by doing things well, because our products are different, and so are our customers.

We invite you to see our catalog but above all to get to know our company.



icono email ADDRESS:
Ctra. Puerto Peña, 19, 06640 - Talarrubias, Badajoz (Spain)

(+34) 924 63 02 01
(+34) 924 63 02 13

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