Quality politics

Quality politics


BURMAR, Dedicated to the "Design and manufacture of candies, gumdrops and soft drinks flavored", adapting to the needs of quality-productivity for an increasingly competitive market, and conscious of its commitment to society has a System Quality Management in accordance with the requirements of International Standards EN ISO 9001 (Current version)

The Directorate expressly states its fundamental commitment to comply with the requirements and enhance the quality in BURMAR and brings into play all the resources necessary in order to achieve compliance with the following policy:

• The main goal is customer satisfaction.

• The Directorate boost necessary for achieving the objectives and goals of quality improvement.

• Quality requires the cooperation and participation of all levels and for that information, communication and training are indispensable. Within this area it is considered essential to establish training programs that contribute to enrich the level of qualification of our staff, so that a participatory approach for all levels and members of the Organization motive.

• All staff must accept the commitment to improve the quality within the scope of their job.

• The Management Manual is the document where the philosophy and guidelines of the system are collected, which are developed in the different procedures referred to in this document.

• The Department is committed to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, customer requirements and associated with our product (safety, quality, legality, specifications and mode of production)

• The Management is committed to continuous improvement of quality management system. Failures should be used to learn and eliminate the sources or causes that have generated.

• The management delegated to the Quality Manager tasks aimed at implementation and compliance verification system for which is granted the authority and independence needed within BURMAR.

• It is the responsibility of the entire organization of the mandatory provisions in this Management System.

BURMAR DG ensures that its Quality Policy is understood and accepted by all staff; and with the support of internal audits verify that the quality management system maintains its efficiency and adequacy.